SEO Optimisations that Impact Google Rankings the Most

Websites are an important and integral part of many businesses, especially for bloggers or internet marketers. Websites enable these categories of people to connect with the vast majority of internet users from all over the globe. There are hundreds of millions of websites available online, and there are a couple of millions in any niche. Meanwhile, whenever a user makes a search using a search engine like Google, only about 10 websites are shown on the first page. And 90% of internet users, including me, limit our search to those websites on the first page. 

That is why owning a website isn't just where it ends. Your website would have to be so good in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to be ranked among the first 10 websites to come up once a search is made. You can imagine the tremendous amount of competition involved amongst these millions of sites to achieve optimal Google ranking. 

So are you among the category of professionals looking for the best SEO optimizations for your website? Search no more! I will be sharing with you some of the most powerful SEO Optimizations that would guarantee positive results and significantly increase your Google rankings. Fear not; they are just little tricks that do the job. 

These tricks include:

Great Content

Every blogger or professional website's main purpose is to provide value to their audience. Solid content means providing immense value to your website audience. When you provide good value to your website audience, they tend to trust you; hence they can revisit your website as often as possible. They would surely come back to check up on updates. And trust me when I say steady traffic to your website would improve your Google rankings and SEO score.

Having solid content also means your website content should be unique and original. Having plagiarized content would only decrease your authenticity; hence when your website visitors find out that your content is not original, they'll never come back again. And this isn't good for business. 

Well researched, SEO-optimized content can never be over-emphasized when improving your Search Engine Ranking.

Make your Website Visually Appealing

Many website visitors find a website interesting when there are visual representations like pictures and videos. Endeavor to use only relevant graphics material to spice up the look of your website and further improve your user experience. Make your website visually appealing.

Easy Navigation

A rocky navigational interface is bad for Google's ranking and SEO optimization. Users who visit your website should find it easy to navigate and locate whatever they want. When it becomes an uphill task to locate a feature on your website, they can easily leave without wasting time. Hence, increasing your bounce rates.

Any user should easily spot buttons and navigational features without strain. Their size and color should also be made bold enough. This enables any website user to locate them, making website navigation easy. A well-organized website would easily attract more traffic, hence improving Google rankings. 

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization means making sure your website is neatly optimized for mobile phones and tablets. It is estimated that more than 53% of internet traffic originates from smartphones, tablets, and other internet-friendly devices. Can you imagine losing over 53% of your organic traffic because your website isn't mobile-friendly? That's a huge loss.

When your website is not mobile-friendly, most mobile users won't mind skipping your site immediately. You then lose traffic to your competitors. The goal here is to generate more organic traffic. If the answer is yes, you might consider making your website mobile-friendly. It's as simple as that.

Tools that can help you check if your site is mobile optimized include Google's Mobile-Friendly Test, Page Speed Insights by Google, Mobile SEO by Varvy, etc.

Keyword Density

Keywords are words related to a particular niche and are most widely used to describe things in that niche. Keywords can greatly help improve your Google Rankings and Search Engine Optimization score. Including keywords in articles and content on your website will help you perform better when your niche is searched on a search engine like Google.

Knowing the perfect keywords for your website content involves what we call Keyword Research. Keyword research entails finding out words and phrases that people use while searching for a product or service on a search engine. Knowing these keywords and applying them to your website will shoot up your Google Ranking and Search Engine Optimization Score.

One can use keyword research tools like Keyword surfer, Keywordit, SEMrush, Keyword Magic tools, etc., among other for your keyword research. Check out how many times a keyword or phrase was used to search for a particular product or service. That will give you a good knowledge of keywords to include in your website content, improving your Google Ranking.

Consider applying your keyword in your Titles and subtitles to get the best results. Remember that this should not be overdone to avoid boring content.

Internal Links

A website is a collection of web pages. Internal links lead to other pages you have within your website. Adding internal links tells search engines the exact page where what a user is looking for can be found on your website. This aids navigation and improves user experience.

Adding these links to your website content helps your audience easily switch between pages and get what they want quickly. This boosts your Google rankings. 

Endeavor to check that all your internal links are working without any faults. If a single page refuses to load, it reduces user experience and may cause the user to leave the site entirely; and losing traffic is bad for Google's ranking.


The term "backlink" refers to a hyperlink originating from an external source. One of the most important SEO components is a strong link profile. According to certain websites, you may succeed even if you don't have any inbound connections (a.k.a., backlinks). Even if some websites have and do, it would be foolish not to use link development tactics. 

Search engines judge a website's authority based on the high-quality links it receives. If you want to make it to Google's first page for competitive keywords, you need a strong backlink profile.


Having your website among the first results on Google search is indeed a great achievement. But that doesn't come on a platter of Gold. Since there is stiff competition, website owners will struggle to ensure their websites come out on top.The tricks mentioned above will be more effective when used in tandem. Not one of them should be used alone to generate nice results. The Digital Hub SEO Sydney works with many clients helping them to appear higher in google rankings. Being local in Australia we can quickly jump on a zoom call at a time that suits you. Contact us now to find out more.

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