12 Strategies On How To Get High Quality Backlinks

Getting backlinks to your site is arguably one of the most important parts of any sites SEO strategy.

It’s hard to get around avoiding this strategy, as backlinks are known to be one of three top influencers of Google’s ranking factors which has been around for some time now.

By spreading link juice through relevant sources on the web, you can drive consistent traffic to your business over time.

If you’re working with someone who suggests you use black hat SEO techniques such as buying links, you should stop working with these people. You don’t want to get a penalty that can ruin your chances oof ranking.

So how can you get back links? The answer is through manual hard work yourself or by using an experienced SEO consultant.

Let’s take a quick step back to define what backlinks are. Backlinks are hyperlinks on external sites that link back to your website. You may also see these referred to as external backlinks or inbound links.

Here’s a backlink example to help you understand:

Here are 12 tips that you can try starting from today, to build yourself up with some backlinks:

Engage with ‘do follow’ blogs and sites

You want to ensure that you are acquiring do follow backlinks. These will help your website's domain authority which in turn can improve your keyword ranking results.

Often WordPresss blogs default links to a ‘No Follow’ status on links pointing away from the blog. This is done by default to stop spammers who try to comment on blogs with irrelevant information and with spammy links to unrelated sites.

If you find yourself a blog that welcomes ‘do follow’ links, you can use this to your advantage by posting something relevant and acquiring a backlink through it. 

Here are a number of blogs to check whether they may be relevant for you and to try obtaining a few backlinks.

Social media links from your site back to platforms

Make sure you are connecting up your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter links to your site. Social media won’t directly improve your SEO ranking, however by adding share links which are shared across platforms can increase your brand exposure. These actions of sharing can influence SEO in a number of ways such as your posts being viewed by more platform users, increase your visibility online and brand recognition.

It’s more about others sharing your content across social media, rather than you sharing your own posts across social media. The social signal indicate that you content is relevant and useful to the target market.

Ask questions and use answer sites such as Quora

Just like commenting on blogs, there is another way you can drop in your backlinks where relevant and that’s on question and answer sites like Reddit and Quora. 

If you’re an expert in your field, you may be able to find a forum of interest where you can share insights whilst also linking back to your business. 

It’s free to create an account on sites like Quota, and you can easily search for categories and topics in the search bar. We’d recommend looking for something more niche as this will be more targeted and relevant. You want to make ure your anserrs are thought out as platforms like Quora can ban users who seem to be adding in spammy links or irrelevant advice.

Be a guest writer on other blogs

This one takes time, and it’s also a lot of convincing when you’ve found a relevant site that you want to blog on or partner with. 

This is a great way of opening up yourself to new audiences and you can backlink to your site for more information.  

Create Infographics

 If you want an alternative to writing long form blog posts, you could have a think about using infographics to get your ideas across and at the same time, build links.

Infographics can be an excellent way to show data in an easy to view format. Since they are a visual format, this means you are more likely to have your infographic shared by others online.

Other bloggers might want to use informative infographics in their posts and then they can link back to you.

You don’t have to be a designer to be good at creating infographics. There are a lot of free tools now that offer templates to easily create infographics. Canva and Desygner are a few examples of these.

Try the journalist tool Help a Reporter out

HARO is an online platform sued by journalists who are looking for content and real-life examples from the public or quotes that they can use to write or complete articles. Experts in their field will find plenty of reporters to contact, however it depends on your industry and if that’s niche it does make it a bit harder. Of course if you do get contacted by a reporter back, this is a great opportunity for you to get a backlink.

HARO send source requests straight to your inbox and you can pitch them your content, they will contact you back if they are interested and require more information.

Learn and test Skyscraper techniques

Skyscraper content is a link building strategy where you try and find existing top content online, write and even better version of it, and duplicate the backlinks.

For example, say you searched a topic i.e ‘social media marketing’, the top results will be the ones that have the most backlinks.

By picking an article that appears in the first page of search results, you can then go and write your own that is even better, this is called the Skyscraper Technique.

Iedally your content will be able to compete with this top content, and will hopefully rank you even higher than what’s already appearing there.

This strategy was devised by Brain Dean, who says this is an effective process to earn backlinks.

By identifying questions that your customers might be looking for, you can capture more site visits and may attract media or publishers who have interest in the content you have written.

You can then a backlink checker tool such as Ahrefs to discover the original article’s backlinks. Once you’ve gathered theses sites linked to the original post, you can reach out to those sites and let them know you have an even better article for them to link to.

Provide testimonials

Other ways to get backlinks includes providing other businesses with some reviews. If you have a product or service that you’ve had a good experience with, you can ask that business if you can provide a testimonial in exchange for a link back to your site.

Testimonials are used as social proof, and most businesses like to displace these prominently on their site alongside any success stories or case studies. 

It’s best to try and select products or businesses that are related to your industry or people that you work with who help your business run in some way.

It’s also worth checking the site’s domain authority before asking to post a testimonial, because if it’s over 60, you will be associating your product or service that is highly valued with quality backlinks. 

Supplier links or e-commerce associated links

If you are a business selling a variety of products from different suppliers, this might be a quick win for you in linking to a number or authoritative links on your site.

Some manufacturers list their stockists which directs users to the place where they can buy a particular product. If you are the seller of these products, you can be listed and linked back to.

Resource Link Building

Resource pages are pages that contain a number of relevant resources and links that site owners list for their  audience as useful links to reference.

For example a site for renting kayaks would have a list of where you can buy relevant equipment, and the best spots to kayak, and beginner tips and videos.

If you are a company that sells kayak gear, you could reach out to the owner that has this resource page and request that they add you to this list.

Think local community sites, tourism information sites, and councils.

Test out influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become the buzz word recently, and it’s now more popular than ever. It’s a type of social media marketing that is a form of promotion where products or a service is endorsed by popular social media account holders who have a certain following.

You can try strike up deals with influencers by offering them a free product in return for a testimonial or kink back to your site, even a social share to get the word out there. 

Some influencers can be pricey, so you’ll need to use your judgement on the amount of followers, especially those with millions. Luckily if your on a tight budget, there are micro-influencers out there who will be willing to help out for a smaller fee, and perhaps you can even get them to do it for free by working out a deal that suits both parties.

Looking for influencers in your industry can mean searching the platform Buzzsumo.

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