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We focus on Search Engine Optimisation strategies to boost your online presence so that your site can go from lost, to found.

Custom Solutions for Our Clients

At The Digital Hub, we have a genuine interest in helping small businesses boost their visibility and online presence. The first thing we do is run a comprehensive audit of your website which gives us an idea of your site's SEO performance and we can then identify any errors and areas where the site could be improved.

We involve business owners during all stages of work so that we can understand their brand and can optimise in the right areas. As a small business ourselves, unlike the bigger agencies, we have more time for you and your business.

About Us

You'll be working directly with me, Maddison at The Digital Hub. Being a freelance SEO specialist in Sydney's Northern Beaches allows me to work with local businesses and businesses all around Australia and New Zealand.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We can optimise your site to please the search engines. From keyword to competitor research, GMB and on-page technical optimisations, we can help your site go from lost to found.

SEO Strategies & Consultation

The Digital Hub's primary focus is on SEO so that we can maximise our efforts in this area and in turn enable the success of your online business.

Google AdWords

Start saving money from the get-go with our optimisation of your Google Ads. We can help with keyword research and make sure you are bidding on the right keywords from the start.

SEO Copywriting

As our focus is on SEO, we can provide SEO content copywriting and blogs that are optimised towards keywords that you want to rank for.

SEO Optimised Website

Looking to get your business site up and running? We create optimised 5 page websites with keyword researched content so that your site is search engine ready.

Monthly Reporting

We provide monthly reports and site audits to stay on top of your site's performance to track and resolve any technical errors.

We have made some friends along the way. You might call them our customers!

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And we think you could be next to join the gang!


Hear from our clients


"Maddison has been an amazing asset to my business. She is efficient, effective, helpful, reliable and trustworthy. I have no hesitations in recommending her services." - Amira


"Very good and detailed independent review of our website and Google presence / SEO - exactly as we had requested. Offered solid recommendations that we are moving to implement. Thanks for your help Maddison." - John R

William Roger Stone Lawyers

Our experience with Maddison was amazing. She is highly professional and efficient individual and a joy to work with. We were completely clueless to SEO strategies and Maddison was comprehensive with any queries we had throughout, her continual updates, and her final detailed report. We highly recommend Maddison and hope to work with her again soon. - Laura P

Our Blog

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Your frequent questions answered

Will SEO work for me and my business?

Yes! If you are serious about investing in SEO and the success of your business and if you give SEO the attention it deserves and communicate with us along the way, you will see results.

What definitely won’t work for SEO

1. Fast success overnight – SEO is not a magic formula that produces immediate results. Instead, SEO takes time and so does Google to crawl your changes and optimisations. You can’t just cram keywords and hope for the best. It is an ongoing process that requires changes and research. It can take Google months to increase your domain authority or trust.

2. You want to know the long-term investment of your digital marketing efforts -

SEO as with other digital marketing efforts is a long term process and a strategy that never ends! There is always more relevant content to be written, pages that could provide a better user experience, outdated content to be improved, tests to be conducted and ongoing maintenance.

3. You want something cheap and fast

Any content that is poorly written with irrelevant links and incorrect page architecture won’t improve your site’s presence, SEO strategy or digital marketing success. Something that has little attention to detail could lead to Google viewing your site as one with spammy content, irrelevant backlinks and content that will be ignored or will be viewed unfavourably by Google crawl bots.

How can I get started?

You can get started by getting in touch with us today! We can chat through your goals, where your traffic, SEO and site is at, plus a roadmap to determine how you can accelerate your digital presence and success.

You tell us what you are most concerned about and we can focus on this area. If you’re not sure, don’t stress, we can guide you on some practices and activities that will help boost and reach your business goals. 

We will consider a number of factors such as is your site user friendly, is your site optimised for SEO, are there broken links and codes, and what keywords and phrases are your competitors using versus how competitive your current keywords are. If you choose to proceed, we can build a plan that suits your business. 

It’s also important to remember that SEO is a long-term strategy. Although results can take months to show, once they begin to appear your business will see the results and growth as well as conversions. We can provide ongoing reporting so that you can track the activity of your website.

Simply contact us with a summary of your business, your URL so we can get an idea of your business and digital situation. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any other questions before we get down to business.

Why choose The Digital Hub for your SEO services?

A lot of digital marketing agencies charge high costs and find it hard to juggle multiple clients. We are a small local business that can focus on high performing campaigns, providing results and boosting your brand awareness helping you receive more traffic.
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