What Is Great Content and How to Write It to Increase Engagement

For a blog post to be outstanding and engaging, it must be a product of excellent content, which keeps you afloat from your competitors and generates consistent traffic to your website. Putting accurate and mind-blowing information on your website is necessary because it'll certainly make an interesting and engaging session for readers while they browse your site. 

With that being said, what is great content all about?

It's content that exceeds a reader's expectations. After reading it through, you are inclined to share it with others and continue conversations around it through networks and social media. This is what surpasses basic content. 

Everyone wants to put out outstanding content that gets many likes, comments, and clicks on the share button for increased engagements Your utmost desire as a content writer is to get people glued to your write-ups and so that users continue to talk about them long after being read. This helps to build your brand and increase your brand awareness and trust. Also, if you're an employee, this will keep your company ahead of the competition as users will be talking about and sharing content that you have published. 

Create A Captivating Title

To create a topic, you must thoroughly research current, exciting and trendy topics that your audience may find interesting. Keyword research is one of the great ways to identify mostly searched topics around your niche and create outstanding content with them. You can also check out sites like Quora to get an idea of the topics people search for.

Your aim is to make your headlines stand out among so many in a crowded search engine results space, making sure you grab your audience's attention. Most likely people want to read something that intrigues them, therefore don't write ambiguous titles. Your characters should be a maximum of 70, not above, by every possible means; ensure it is short and focused exclusively on the article topic. 

Don't write a headline unrelated to the content, just to try and lure more readers to your website. At first, you might succeed in getting attention on your post, but with time you'd notice that your readers lose their trust in you and begin to withdraw and lose interest in your content. This can also have an impact on your post's bounce rate and overall engagement. Make sure not to use complex and confusing words; keep it as simple as possible with very powerful phrases to get your readers' attention. 

Keep It Concise, Focused and Creative

Another important point to note while creating engaging content is to be concise and still include all the relevant information needed. The use of brief sentences is essential to increase impact and clarity. When you start a sentence, get straight to the point, end with a full stop and move on to the next paragraph. 

Be focused on the content.

Your potential readers or customers are coming to find answers to the headline you are promoting, and they expect you to provide answers from your content. Your ideas should be engaging and helpful to your prospective audience. It would help to keep it as clear as possible in short paragraphs because most people are very impatient when reading long content. 

Creativity is very necessary.

When you want to write, identify your target audience. Focus on them, speak in their language and don't make it cumbersome. Take time to understand what they might be thinking and looking to find out and what problems you can help solve, then speak naturally to them. Write words that appeal to your audience as much as they appeal to you. Choose words that resonate with them and can easily be understood without researching them.

Let your content have structure.

You could start your paragraphs with sentences to capture the reader i.e "did you know 20% of", "there are five ways to".

Make Use of Images and Videos

The use of images and videos helps to drive home your point. It can also clarify what the content is about right away and gains the trust of your audience. This is one of the best methods to increase engagement on websites.

Most people absorb the key points of the content when there are enough relevant videos and images relating to the content. You can turn an indecisive customer into a paying customer by presenting quality images of a product or nicely recorded videos. Images can go from taking a written post to making it outstanding. 

According to a study, "articles with images get 94% more views than articles without". That alone should serve as a motivating factor to spur you into uploading images on your article or even go as far as including videos. You don't want to lose much of this percentage of viewers on your post. 

Show Maximum Expertise 

Don't write like an amateur. The Internet is there to guide you on any content you want to put out there. Suppose you don't have enough knowledge about the topic you want to write about, conduct thorough research. Gather all the relevant information needed to present great content. 

Know that your reputation and integrity are very important, and you don't want to lose them because of fake and inaccurate information within your content. Your main aim at the end of each content piece is for your audience to take positive action towards the information provided and to like, comment and share. 

Edit Your Content 

Do not rush off to post publicly at the end of each blog. Try to go through your article slowly to ensure there are no grammatical errors. Also, check if you got all the points you wanted to get across to your audience and check your facts and statistics to ensure they're accurate. Identify every problem and fix them appropriately. Make sure your spelling is correct and check your tone, too, for example, "where," "were," and "we're. You can make use of the Grammarly software to finalise your check. 

Last Words

These might be a bit time consuming, but it's worth every bit of your time. You'll produce excellent content for your business or website by following these processes. Overall, do your SEO keyword research to know what your audience is looking for, build a catchy title around it and create that outstanding and engaging content to keep your visitors coming back.

We know that writing engaging content takes time. The Digital Hub SEO Sydney works with many clients writing SEO optimised content. Being local in Australia we can quickly jump on a zoom call at a time that suits you. Contact us now to find out more.

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