How We Used B2B SEO To Boost Enquiries

The Challenge:

Freelease wanted to gain traffic from different locations around Australia

Freelease are experts in printers and toners for businesses. They tasked the Digital hub with gaining more traffic to their site from specific business locations around Australia. This ideally would lead to more enquiries.

With a site lacking in a content strategy for these areas, they needed a content strategy.

They also needed a fresh take on keyword research to discover in these other locations, what businesses are looking for when in search of a business like theirs.

The Strategy:

This client wanted to receive more site visits from their other business locations. The strategy here was to create specific landing pages targeting various keywords in locations of trade.

The Solution:

Local Content Plan & Technical Updates

The Digital Hub began by conducting a full audit of the business's site. A plan around what keywords to target and what local content pages were created. The competitive competitive analysis report summarised:

  • The site's existing keyword rankings
  • The keywords of their top three competitors

The Results:

  • 390 additional keywords
  • 275 keywords in the top spot
  • Technical elements on the site fixed
  • New landing pages targeting specific service areas
  • Optimisation of their Google My Business Profile to increase enquiries

Brisbane keywords in top 10 position increase May - Nov

Sydney keywords in top 10 positions

Sydney keywords in top 10 position increase May - Nov

Freelease organic keywords

Number of keywords when starting working with The Digital Hub and during and after months of work.

  • 42% of keywords in the top 10 on Google
  • 50% increase in organic traffic
  • 100% increase in leads generated from organic traffic

Want to learn how we can use this strategy for your business?

We’ve delivered results like these for many clients. Learn how The Digital Hub can help you boost your organic traffic with a custom SEO strategy for your business. Let's catch up over a coffee on a call!
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